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Lombard Firewood

  • Having people over for the holidays
  • The party you are having on game day
  • Staying warm when it’s cold out there
  • A romantic evening with just the 2 of you
  • When you just want to stay in
  • Saving money on utilities




Face Cord

1/2 Face Cord

60 Piece Rick

30 Piece Rick


Per Piece


$ 95.00

$ 65.00

$ 35.00


                           $  2.00


$ 75.00

$ 55.00

$ 28.00

                                       $   4.99

                                       $   1.50


Providing the Top of the Line Firewood in Lombard, Illinois Year Round

At AG VanGundy Landscape Materials, we offer firewood throughout Chicago's Western Suburbs including the surrounding area of Lombard, Illinois.  Whether you need to pick up a small order or have a seasonal order delivered to your home in the Lombard area, we can take care of you with some of the absolute best pieces of firewood fire can burn! 

Don't live in the Lombard area?  No problem.  We deliver all over the Greater Chicagoland area, helping provide our residential and commercial customers great firewood and excellent customer service.

We sell both mixed and oak firewood. Firewood is a great way to save on the high cost of energy bills throughout the cold winter months in the Chicagoland area.

Our mixed wood consists of a combination of various types of hardwoods. In the mix, you will find maple, ash, locust, oak and other types of woods. We do not include pine or spruce in our mix as these types of woods may create creosote in your chimney.

A fire made from oak wood typically burns hotter and longer than a fire made from mixed wood. There are usually also more coals and less flame. A fire made from oak is considered to be a better heating fire.

A fire made from mixed wood will usually consist of more flames and may result in a more colorful fire. Although the fire does not produce as many heating therms as the oak, it will definitely add warmth to the area.

We sell our firewood in a variety of quantities:

  • Face Cords – Most economical way to purchase. A face cord is 4’ X 8’ stacked. We cross stack only the ends. A face cord contains approximately 220 – 240 pieces of wood. Each piece of wood is approximately 14” – 18” in length.

  • ½ Face Cord – Approximately 110 – 120 pieces of wood. Each piece of wood is approximately 14” – 18” in length.

  • Ricks are smaller quantities of firewood. We offer ricks in 2 sizes:

    • 60 Piece Rick (60 Pieces of wood)

    • 30 Piece Rick (30 Pieces of wood)


Face Cord $170.00   Face Cord $140.00
1/2 Face Cord $  95.00   1/2 Face Cord $  75.00
60 Piece Rick $  65.00   60 Piece Rick $  55.00
30 Piece Rick $  35.00   30 Piece Rick $  28.00
Per Piece $    2.00   Bundle $    4.99
      Per Piece $    1.50

Delivery and stacking of firewood is available. Please call our office at (630) 295-8190 or complete an Estimate Request Form for delivery charges. Firewood delivery charges are discounted from our normal charges that are listed on our Delivery Services page. If you don’t see your town listed, please call or complete and Estimate Request Form as we probably do deliver to your town.

Please note there are some limitations to stacking of firewood.

National Firewood Association